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Sapphire City Independent Music is an independant Australian music label set up for the express purpose of releasing music from the Inverell region of northern New South Wales. Over the years, due to a whole raft of reasons, the distribution became purely that of the music written by R J (Bob) Burling as either solo compositions or in partnership with other songwriters. 

Originally, this music was all released under the Semanon name but as the music stable grew, it became apparent that such a release was confusing to all concerned and a totally independent name was required. Being based in Inverell, the Sapphire Capital, gave easy rise to the possible name for the label and thus Sapphire City Independent Music was born. All the various artists have now been separated and the scope for expansion now exists for future artists from the region.

The background to all of these groups is that they all feature Bob Burling as either singer and/or musician, with studio musicians and programmed midi music supplying all additional music. In some cases, other artists have recorded with a group for an individual song and, when this has happened, the additional artist is listed alongside the song on the album.

At the beginning of 2012, a major decision was made to change the release method of the music and, from February, all the music will be released free and will be available for download from the site. Details of this decison will be contained elsewhere in the site once the new web site has been set up.

Private releases through the label will not be included in the free download system.