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These tracks, by the different artists and listed accordingly, are tracks that have not appeared on albums. They are tracks that were more than album requirements, tracks written as special demonstrations (such as song writing events), tracks writeen for special reasons or not used for a variety of other reasons.

They are placed here for your benefit and may not only be played as individual tracks (as with all albums) but may also be downloaded as individual tracks but not as a complete set. All tracks are MP3's. Click on the song name to play the song and click the download button at the end to download the song as a zipped file.

There are bound to be tracks added to this page as time goes by, so if you are interested in new tracks, keep checking back to this page.


Destroy The Fortress Of Evil: An up tempo heavier rock song that talks about conquering evil before it conquers us. Download

Prepare For Battle: We need to equip ourselves with the armour and weapons that God provides for the battles we face are not physical ones but spiritual ones. This is rock Gospel. Download

Feed Me From Your Word: The Bible is a true source of strength for all who are prepared to take the time to read it. It is spiritual food for our soul. This Christian ballad could certainly be used in a variety of ways. Download

Have You Accepted The Change: God offers all people a chance to bring about a major change in our life. It is up to us to choose what we do with that invitation. Download

My Prayer To You Lord: A song of prayer offered by someone who is really feeling despair as the world around them tries to crush their spirit. Download

Instrumental Oz

Mood For Kelli: An instrumental song that captures the many moods of an individual, who could be anyone you know, male or female. Download

Transit Of Venus:
An instrumental expression of the 2012 Transition of Venus. This may also be viewed on YouTube complete with screen shots of the even at or on our Video Page Download

Roses For Cheryl:
An instrumental love song. This may be viewed on YouTube at or on our Video Page Download


392 Boulevard Avenue: Sometimes a person comes into our life and, for whatever reason, leaves a mark that will last forever. This person can have made an impression for any number of reasons but they will always be remembered, as will the details of their life and the meeting as well many other details. Download

Smile Across The Room: As  we journey through life there will be those who leave a lasting impression because we have just caught a glimpse of them as we have moved throogh life. A smile is what we remember most. Download

Right Before Your Eyes: In life we are often looking in the wrong place for the special things of our life. We look away and not right in front of us where the very thing we are looking for is waiting to be recognised. Download

Wasted Tears, Wasted Years: One of life's forgetablle experiences is the time and effort we spend on an individual only todiscover that, despite the efforts, they were a total waste. Download

Mighty Tingha: I spent many years associated with the small town of Tingha and at one stage I was asked if I could write a song that the sportsmen and sportswomen could use as a "battle" song when they were competing away from home or against visiting challenges. This song is what was returned to that request. Download

Challenging Borders: I spent many years as a part time employee at Bonshaw Public School and during those early years, the principal asked if I could re-write the music for the school song. An earlier employee had written some really powerful words but they used another song and, with the rising concern about copyright of music, he felt the school needed it's own music. With such well written words, the music was relatively easy to write and a marching style was chose so that it could be used as a school march as well. Download

Because You're Still My Friend: This song had a very different beginning. On New Years's day 2011, my friend had a little dog run over and killed. That dog had been a long time friend for her and she was devastated. The song was written as a consolation for her loss. I shared the words with a few people. Just a few weeks later my father passed away and it was suggested that the song would be great to have done at the funeral service. They had realised the potential of this song as one that would touch most people who had lost a loved one through death. The song was recorded and played in the period of time before the actual service began. Click here to look at the words of this song. Download

Princess Cinderella: Many men dream of having their own Cinderella as a partner. The added bonus would be that she was a princess as well. This song runs around that fantasy in different ways. Download

The Love I Have: Originally recorded to be released on a planned album for 2012 but that album was ultimately shelved for a number of reasons. Download

The Ballad Of Bobbie Lee: One of many songs written by the author for the Crying In The Silence anti abuse website, this one was the only one recorded by Semanon. A warning that this song contains a theme that may be offensive to some, as it deals with child sexual abuse and the potential result that it can (and often does) bring to the victim. Download

Uncle Bob

Marching Into Battle: A Children's Christian song that certainly lends itself for some actions as the children are singing. Download song

White Arrow

The Healing: When people are hurt the body takes over and, sometimes with some help from medicine, then the injury is healed. Sometimes the hurt is not physical but is emotional or mental (to mention two) and a different kind of healing is required. This hard rock song deals with the spiritual healing that is available to all those with a requirement for non-physical healing. Download

Making My Way Back To You: At some time in most peoples' lives they wander from the pathway of life into realms that can be very harmful in some way. This song talks about making our way back from that point we have reached to where we should be. Download

For Freedom We Ride: A song inspired by the 2 million bikers ride in Washington DC on 11th September, 2013. The link will take you to details, play button and download option.

Blind: And So We Rush To Die: An anthem for today's situation as we see the world heading straight for destruction while most of the world would rather pretend that nothing is wrong. The consequence of that blindness is surely death. This may be viewed on YouTube  Download