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At the beginning of 2012, a number of incidents occurred that led to some serious thinking about what direction Sapphire City Independent Music should go. While these individual things are not really that important to the overall picture, they had to play an important role in what was to happen.

A number of possible solutions but the one that was ultimately chosen was one that may considered to be quite radical.

The decision was taken to release all the music to be available free via download. Some people will not be happy about this decision as they will lose money, but it is not their talent that has created this music and many of those in the music industry are, sadly, make an immoral living on the talent of others. I hasten to add that this is not the dominant situation but it is there. Those who fit this situation will certainly be very critical when they realise the decision that has been made. My response to them is “Tough. It is my talent and not yours!”

That said, what are the implications?

From now on it will mean that, using the various recording names used in the past, new albums will still continue to happen as long as I am able to do that. The difference will be that from now on, the album will be placed on the site, and people will be able to listen to tracks and then choose to download the file containing the album. The cost will be the access to the Internet to be able to download the zipped file containing the album and printed matter that can be used to enable the individual to actually turn it into a CD (or whatever they use).

To access the album, you can enter through the artist name or category. From there you choose the page for the actual album. On this page, clicking on the individual songs you can listen the entire individual song (all songs on the album can be played). At the bottom of the page is a button will allow you to download the album as a zipped file, which will then need to be unzipped (unpacked) and the contents stored on your computer, or other music playing device. The files are all MP3's so can be used on devices requiring such file types.

Whilst the albums are free to download, should you require to order actual CD's, the following prices will apply:

Single CD's$19.95
Double CD's$29.95
All prices include postage. Airmail to countries outside Australia.

Some specific songs are also available free in different formats, such as sheet music, words and others. CLICK HERE to obtain details and access.