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Describing InstrumentalOz is a difficult task for it is the combination of programmed music and live studio musicians, the latter not appearing on all albums or individual tracks, but being used where they enhanced the music. The purpose behind the band was to produce large scale production (such as full orchestras and bands) which would not be a viable proposition to produce as a completely "live" production (at least not initially). Most material for InstrumentalOz is, as the name suggests, instrumental, however the occasional spoken word is placed over tracks for special effect.

The first album to be done this way was Genesis, an album of instrumental interpretations of the book of Genesis from the Bible. This album was strictly programmed music and was the result of many years of thought and production. The album was mammoth in many ways and ran for over 70 minutes, fitting comfortably onto a single CD. This album was released in the early part of 2002.

In 2003, the album Instrumentally Remembered was released. This was a collection of songs that endeavoured to invoke a mental picture of women who had influenced the life of the writer. The album was originally released under the Semanon name but was later changed to avoid the obvious conflict of styles.

Then in 2004, a complete change of style with the production of a full symphony. This works, Symphony For Svetlana was almost totally programmed but included a studio production of a new instrument to the woodwind section, a didgeridoo, in the 4th Movement. Symphony Orchestra layout and structure was adhered to give it a true orchestral feel. While maybe not appealing to the purists, the album certainly portrays the essence.

Then in 2012, the time concept album, Time Is But A Day, was released. Whilst predominantly instrumental tracks that endeavoured to feature some aspect of the dimension of time, the group was joined in one track by Semanon, who did the vocals.

In 2014, work was finished on a longer term project that would provide an album of music that could beused as background music for worship. The requirement here was that the music could be played softly in the background to create an atmosphere for worship. From its incepetion, the album as designated as the WHITE album, standing for Worship Him In Tranquil Exhiliration. This album was released in August 2014.

Other projects are currently on the planning desk including an instrumental album of just songs and a background music album that allows for quite reflection.