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Back in 1974 there was a lot of experimenting with music going on and I, certainly, joined those ranks, especially with my song writing. I was about to leave Bingara, where I had called home for 7 years, and was going to use the opportunity to look at possibilities of expanding my music into something that had a lot more depth than playing just straight songs.

However, the music wasn't prepared to wait that long and during September/October of that year a complete work was written, entitled In Search Of Life. Initially, I decided to sit on the music to see what I could do with it once I moved. A Christian musician friend heard the work and suggested that the two of us have a private audience to play the music to and to record it as a live feel. For Dave and I, this was to be the only real recording we did together. We arranged a venue and invited a few of our friends to participate in the event. We had a few practices and then, in November of 1974, we made this recording of the work.

It lay in waiting from then until 2012 when the original tape was unpacked from one of the many boxes of things that had been stored in a shed from when I moved to Inverell in 2002. Listening to the tape I was amazed at it's clarity and so took the decision to use this tape rather than re-recording the work as a studio version - this version had life (and a few mistakes, left in the recording).

I am not even sure where Dave is these days as I lost touch with him some 35 years ago, as he also moved not long after I did. It had been our intention, originally, to record it again in a studio some day but that never happened. 

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