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Back in 1988, whilst involved with a vacation care facility, a young boy was part of the group who was very different. It was his difference that brought about the writing of Maximillion Mouse (the boy's name was Max) and one young boy went home so very happy that there was a song for him.

In the ensuing period of time, more children's songs were written and especially for my very young niece at the the time. These were collected together for the very first album, aptly entitled Maximillion Mouse.

As the years followed, Uncle Bob became very involved with youth at his local church and it was hardly surprising that a number of songs came that were praise songs designed specifically for younger children, the generally negelected ones when it comes to the church developing modern sounds for children. In 2014, it was decided to record these songs and make them available to a much wider audience. Thus the album, Junior Praise, was finally relaeased in November of that year.

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