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WHITE ARROW is a studio band that features "social issues" songs. The band came together in 2003, originally for the one song.

This was the maxi single, Joel, a three part song that deals with the all too common issue of an atypical young woman in our current society. The song is the result of seeing too many young girls (and not so young) met in over thirty years as a youth worker, who walk down this generalised path. Most have been okay as they have found the right answers at the right time, but there are those who did not or could not find the right road.

This was followed up in 2004 by two tribute singles.

Why Must The Children Die, was the first of these and was a tribute to the children of Beslan. In the first week of September, 2004, a group of terrorists took over a school in Beslan, Russia. In what was to follow, many innocent young children were to die all for the cause of hatred. This hatred is a product of religious terrorism, corporate greed and political insensitivity and will not end until those in power in these three areas of our society finally realise and accept the blame for all of this hatred. In so many tragic events in recent times, thousands of innocent children have been killed and their deaths are upon the shoulders of these three groups of people. We ask the question, how many more children will they kill before they wake up? This song is dedicated to all those children who die because of that hatred. This song is available as a FREE download on this site through the FREE MUSIC page.

Then came the tragedy of December 26, 2004 and another tribute song, entitled December 26, 2004, was recorded as a tribute to those who suffered in this tragedy. The repurcussions of which are still being felt in parts of those countries devastated by the resulting tsunamis that followed the deep sea earthquake.

At the beginning of 2009, the band recorded Crying In The Silence, the theme song for the Crying In The Silence Project that is taking the social problem of abuse head on.

Currently, in 2009, the band is working on a social issues album entitled Socially Restructured that will contain these four songs plus a host of other social issues songs. No release date is yet planned.