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Instrumentally Remembered


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Following the belated and unexpected success of Genesis, particularly overseas, it was decided to release another instrumental album..

As one moves through life we encounter many people who will have some form of influence on us. Some of these influences are good, some are indifferent and others are not so good.

This album is dedicated to the women who have influenced the life of the songwriter. They are a collection of songs written about some of those women and is not meant as any insult to those who cannot find themselves featured here. Some of these songs are about people who, at some time, were intimately close; some are about women who were, and still are, friends; some are about those who left behind memories that were not so good; some reflect the international friendships that have been established; whilst some are about very special people. Some of these songs were written originally as vocal songs but have been especially re-arranged for this album.

Comment will be made only about a couple of songs, for it would take far too long to comment on all. When one generally considers the women that have influenced one’s life, they cannot go past their Mother and this particular track is dedicated to all those wonderful mothers across the world. The song tries to capture just a part of the complexity that makes a mother—vitality, energy, constancy, subtle variations, and control are just a few that came to mind with this song.

Brave Little Lady was originally a vocal track and is about a young teenage girl who had been the victim of sexual abuse. The revelation of this aspect of her life took a lot of courage and left an indelible mark. This song is dedicated to all such victims.

Love is certainly one aspect of life and, although written for a very specific lady, Valentine is dedicated to the love relationship that one knows in one’s life.

The rest of the tracks are there for your enjoyment and represent a variety of music styles used in an effort to capture the character and relationship of the woman for whom the track was originally written.

Tracks are (click on the title to hear the track):

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Downloading the album (45MB in size) will give you all 14 songs plus the CD Insert cover (actual size for printing) and a file of the contents that will also fit in a CD case. The file is a zipped file and will need to be unzipped.

The music and recording are all Australian.

Release Date: 1st October 2003