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Take What I Am

This album was originally released back in 1990, from recordings done back in the 70's and early 80's, to meet the needs of people in a local church in Armidale, where the people worshipping could have copies of the songs they were singing regularly in the meetings. The album was digitised and re-released on CD in 2002, to coincide with the release of Lifting Up To Him. This album is a collection of Christian songs, many of which were used in praise and worship. Mayn opf these tracks were parts of musical works written by me oin those early years. The entire album can be downaload using the button at the bottom of the track information.

The tracks on this album are (clicking on the track name will allow you to hear the track):

Take What I Am: A song of personal commitment that, like that of Isaiah, says "Here I am God, use me."

There Is One: This was part of a pop musical, written in the early 70's, entitled "That Long Dark Road", which tells the story of an atypical youngster and his atypical life story from his birth, through his rebellion and finally through to his slvation. This is the song that reaches out to him with the message that ther is one who can help him.

Easter Morning
: Taken from the musical, "The Son", the story, as told by St Luke, of the life of Jesus.

Long, Lonely Highway: Life cxan be a very long and lonely highway as we progress through it.
A Place Reserved: An up tempo rock number that is a witness to the fact that everyone who accepts Jesus into their life has a place reserved in heaven for them.

That Long Dark Road: The title and finale song of the musical, "That Long Dark Road".

To Know Him Is To Love Them: A call to serve in mission work. The message is based on Jesus' message to the disciple in the parable of the sheep and the goats where He tells that what we do to others, we actually do to Jesus.

(Lord, Won't You Tell Me) Who I Am: I think it would be fair to say that most, if not all, face the question sometime in their life as to who they really are. This is a prayer to ask the Lord to tell the person,who they really are. The answer should not be unexpected.

Yet In My Weakness: I attended a week long leadership training camp in Sydeny in January of 1983 and, when it was discovered that a large nunber of us in attendance were musicians, extra sessions were worked into the week on how we could use our musical talents in leadership. Part of the workshops was a morning where we had to write or co-write a Christian song. This was my effort.

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Downloading the album (29MB in size) will give you all 9 songs plus the CD Insert cover (actual size for printing) and a file of the contents that will also fit in a CD case. The file is a zipped file and will need to be unzipped.

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