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I cannot remember when I first had the desire to transform The Book Of The Revelation into music, but each time I thought seriously about it, I became frightened at the idea because I did not want the curse that the last chapter of the book lays out - that any one who adds or subtracts from the book would be punished. However, God kept putting the thought back into my head until finally I made a start. Now, eight and a half years later, I have finally finished this enormous project, travelling through so many changes and ideas in order to complete the task. Along the way, I have learnt much about my music; about the techniques (musical and technical) I had to master; about myself; and about the awesome reality of where mankind is heading with respect to the end of time. In those years, I have lost track of how many times I have read through that book, in a variety of different translations, through a variety of different phases in my own life and under a wide range of circumstances. The Book Of The Revelation has so much in it that I doubt that any one person could ever honestly say that they understood everything in it. However, when you read it through with an open mind and heart, you will be guaranteed of learning something new each time. That makes it the book that it is.

Then in 2020, I started a new study of The Book Of Revelation and came to the realisation that I had not completed the original task. There were far too many gaps that needed to be filled . So, after much anguish, I made the decision to pull the original album and to return to finish the task. I don't believe that anything was wrong with what I had written, other than it was totally incomplete. Returning to writing, of course, meant that the end result was going to be considerable, possibly in excess of another hour in length. It is a daunting task but I must do what the Spirit leads me to do. No re-release date is contemplated at the moment and this will be advised in the future.

R.J.Burling (October 2020)